Don’t you, as the boss, also have the wish to sometimes go up the wall because a good business deal collapsed? Doesn’t it just drive you round the bend when your employees just look into one corner in embarrassment because nothing of the conversation with the customer or the counter party was understood? Doesn’t it make you want to tear your hair out when a non-command of language limits or narrows down your sphere of influence or activity and working sphere to the extent that you are hogtied since only dearly paid interpreters can get you out of this unfavourable and aggravating situation? But who wants to employ an interpreter for every individual project? Wouldn’t it be rather beneficial if also your employees were able to master the English language so as to be able to control situations of almost any kind? If business deals worked that had to be put on ice beforehand? …

Or you as employee … wouldn’t it be fantastic to show everybody how much you really know. And with the knowledge in the back of your head that the next holidays will be rather different to the ones you had before.

AllboutEnglish takes up this challenge. We will ‘condition you to succeed and reach your goal’. We will teach you where you feel your deficit lies. We will also represent a backup and will teach you how to easily, efficiently and readily learn.If you should be looking for an inhouse trainer we gladly come to you and teach the respective group at your company. Our technical fields are broad and the content of the course is adjusted to the participants and their needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us.