Kindergarten-English for our littl’ones



Since we all know how important the English language has become in recent years, and since we also know how well children can acquire different capabilities at a young age, we shouldn’t let the opportunity pass to adequately use this basic phenomenon.


Teddy bear

Our offered Kindergarten-English for our littl’ones’ deals with our little ones from the ages of 3 to 6 years – thus it is concerned with children of preschool age – and it will adequately simplify their commencing days of school.
The young ones shall be introduced to the English language through games and loooooooooooots of fun and, thereby, they shall get to know the main features of the English language.
The lesson will only take 45 minutes and will be carried out with several other children so as to make sure that our honey bunches will not get bored.



Fees for an English lesson of 45 minutes amount to 10,- €. That means, we are talking of a total amount of 40,- € per month.
The minimum number of children for a course is 10 and registration is twice a year. There are no registration fees.
The parents only need to bear the costs for the learning material. We are looking forward to your contact.



Even that ain’t a problem for us …