IMAG3020-1-1 The trainings we conduct in our schooling facilities have small groups as target groups (hence only max. 8 participants). The following courses are currently offered by AllboutEnglish. Should any of the given courses be of interest for you, please be so kind to contact us.

Tue Conversation – Talk, Discussion, Learning 18:30 – 20:00 – AN 107, Cost: 600 €, – highest nubmer of participants 8, 48 teaching units (6 months)

EAP – English for Academic Purposes, duration 2 months – AN 110 -, Cost: 398, – € per month, total: 32 teaching units, specially applicable for pupils/ students

Thu – English for beginners 18:00 – 19:30 – AN 108, Cost: 600 € – highest number of participants 8, 48 teaching units (6 months)

LCCI – London Chamber of Commerce and Industry – preparation course – level 1 – 4, AN 109, block instruction, 7 weeks, costs: 2800, – €, minimum participants 3 

Individual or specific group courses on demand (arranged individually)

Furthermore the following courses are offered that can be held in our rooms.

English for Beginners

The first step is always the hardest. Your will and our professional competence shall doubtlessly master the challenge. If either in a block seminar over 2 months, extra occupational or co-op-wise over a longer period of time – we will have a look at the best way for you and thus, all is possible. Focuses are: Introduction into the English language Grammar (basic structures, verbs, nouns, plural, tenses, prepositions, and so on) Preparation and working with English texts Holding initial and further conversations Since improvement is very individual, our courses are individual too and will be, furthermore, adjusted to the respective groups.

Additional expenses: book
No examination fee
No registration fee

English for the Advanced Business English English for Specific Needs

The mastery of English has become indispensible … at the airport, at/ on the ship, on the train, on business trips, in a hotel, in the meeting or in the pub … Together we will deepen your English knowledge. Focuses are: Repetition of grammatical structures (tenses, verbs, prepositions, questions, passive vs active voice, when and what to use …) Vocabulary learning English according to subject Idiomatic phrases Grammatical structures Individual assistance Pronunciation/ Intonation Telephone calls Letters and e-mails Meetings.

Additional expenses: book
No examination fee
No registration fee

Business English English for Professionals

Are you already able to hold an English conversation without encountering any problems? Then the course for professionals is the course for you. We shall deal with and hold further conversation and go into detail of professional language according to the field in question. The syllabus includes: Grammar Semantics Communication Text understanding Telephone Letters, e-mails Meetings Customer contact Analyses of English texts, charts and figures, guidelines, policies, writings.

Additional expenses: book
No examination fee
No registration fee

English for international trade 1

International marketing: principles and practice
– Principles: marketing concept, the exchange process, the marketing process, marketing research.
– Market selection and criteria, managing the mess
– Methods of market research: sources of information, conducting fieldwork
The legal environment
– The law of contract: offer and acceptance, tenders, standard form contract, terms of a contract, mistake, misinterpretation, remedies, discharge of contract,
– Sale of goods in international trade: quality and suitability, delivery of wrong quantity, delivery by installments, acceptance of goods, rejection of goods.

Additional expenses: book
No examination fee
No registration fee

English for international trade 2

The export order process
– The export office: the export order process, enquiry
– The export quotation: goods, price, delivery, terms and method of payment, order acknowledgement
– Incoterms 2010
International transport
The services of the forwarder – advice, documentation customs clearance, transport booking, alternative modes of international transport, other transport modes.

Additional expenses: book
No examination fee
No registration fee

English for technical professions

– International communication – refresher
– The new company – communication in business, telephoning, writing letters and e-mails
– Information technology, networks
– Mechanical engineering, tools
– Assembly, joining, laser technology
– Maintenance, troubleshooting, units and measurements
– Properties of materials, product description, material testing
– Energy and the environment
– Business trips, hotel reservations, business flights, car rentals, cultural aspects, eating out
– Finding a job, job applications and interviews
– Design, manufacturing, company profile, meetings, production process, negotiation
– Grammar review
– Possibility, probability and certainty
– Vocabulary

Additional expenses: book 30, – €
No examination fee
No registration fee