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It is not to be doubted that English has become one of the most important languages on the international market. The English language is the world’s first and only global tongue, which is officially recognised in 75 countries. Compare this with 27 countries for the French tongue, 20 countries for Spanish or 17 countries for Arabic. An estimated high percentage of the earth’s population will be competent in applying the English language in near future – you should be one of them. Industry, financial services, insurance, commerce and service providers, as well as health care, sciences, universities and many more rely on a good communication worldwide. Thus, it seems to be reasonable and appropriate not to disregard the English language.

Already today, half of the world’s business deals are being conducted in English. Thus, it is imperative to pave the way for effective international communication. Business communication encompasses a huge body of knowledge. Such is conveyed via different channels of communication with the objective of finally making a sale of any kind. English communication skills are essential to succeed in today’s competitive environment – we need to communicate effectively, efficiently and with confidence. Efficient and successful communication is more than just words, there is more to a language than simply grammatical rules and vocabulary.

The latter representing a fact specially recognised and attentively considered in all our offered courses. AllboutEnglish believes in challenging the actual state of affairs, the status quo, it believes in personal interaction – AllboutEnglish does not stand for stagnation but represents among other things the belief in improvement, in the modern Zeitgeist. It believes in the necessity to enable communication over language boundaries. We challenge the status quo by making our services well-designed, user-friendly and human. You wish for inspiration, motivation and will? You have the wish to learn the language or improve it? We are behind you and would like to support you. It is our confidence that the mind-set is the thing that matters. AllboutEnglish just happens to offer great services … wanna try? We are looking forward to meeting you.

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But first of all ‚Hello‘, my name is Manuela Gawehn. After my yearslong residence in England and subsequent studies in anglistics, English literature and psychology leading to a master’s degree, I began to timber a professional career out of one of my hobbies, namely ‘language’, and opened up a language school. I am fully committed to the things I do and apply my knowledge to the benefit of any of my participants since 2007.