(Technical) translations – (technical) writing/ (technical) documentation

The key to a highly qualified translation is active participation by the client. You and your representatives should be generally eager to help since you/ they will be directly affected by the quality of the translation. While in theory it is possible to translate product information or full texts without any background knowledge of the product or circumstance/ situation in question, this cannot be done without sacrificing the quality of the translation. Therefore, whenever possible, you should supply the translator with all relevant information (for ex. a bilingual glossary of domain-specific terms if there is any specific attention to be paid on the product’s terminological notification) and company literature in the source or target language.

Our range of services encompasses

Technical translations of diverse field, as for ex.

Business, Architecture, Mechatronics, Water Management, Process engineering, Trade, (Technical) Medicine

Technical compilation of diverse fields, as for ex.

Operating manuals Brochures, News Papers, Reports, Project Work, Descriptions

Colloquial English / English for Academic Purposes / English for Specific Purposes

Academic essays Scientific papers, and so forth


The charge for translations is 0, 50 € to 2,- € per line – depending on the (technical) field. The charge for technical writing/ documentation will be between 20, – € and 50,- € per page – depending on the (technical) field.